Postal Service

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The postal industry is an integral part of the industrial and social infrastructure of the Republic of Belarus and is functioning on its territory to meet the needs of individuals and legal entities, public administrative bodies related to postal services. In accordance with the Law on Postal communications of the Republic of Belarus, the Republican Unitary Enterprise of Posts “Belpochta” is continuously providing services to the population throughout the territory of the Republic.

RUE “Belpochta” consists of: 6 regional Branches and “Minskaya pochta” Production, “Special Services Unit” Branch and Motor Vehicle Department, 91 regional Postal Units, 3 258 Postal Facilities, including 2 840 Post Offices, 194 Units of Posts and 224 mobile Post Offices.

Postal services include acceptance, handling, transportation, delivery (hand delivery) of letter-post items, parcels, postal money orders, EMS items, acceptance of subscription and delivery of printed mass media, pension and allowance payment.

Expanded network of Post Offices allows RUE “Belpochta” to meet growing needs of population by enhancing the range of provided services including non-core ones. Currently our enterprise offers to its customers over 50 non-core services, and namely: realization of consumers goods, including postal online-store retailer, Belarusian manufacturers catalogue, and forms of strict accounting, express payment cards, lottery tickets, acceptance of miscellaneous payments, photocopy, lamination, book binding, dealer services of connecting to MTS , Velcom, BeST, networks, Internet access, banking and insurance services, registration of “Congratulation from Ded Moroz” service order, direct marketing, etc.

“EMS-Belpost” is popular among customers and actively developing EMS service. EMS service is the fastest postal service among other services. EMS items acceptance, handle, transportation and delivery is carried out as priority and quickly as possible. It is possible to send documents (letters, bills, certificates, etc.) or goods (personals things, items for cultural, general and manufacturing purposes, etc.) as EMS items.
On the territory of Republic of Belarus this service is represented by company logotype

EMS service is available for legal entities and individuals. Items acceptance is performed in all RUE “Belpochta” Post Offices and “Business-post” subdivisions, as well as at office or at home. Home/office delivery of items is performed to addressee directly. This service is provided both on territory of the Republic of Belarus, and in more than 200 countries and regions all over the world.

Functioning of the service within the country is implemented under the slogan “today-for-today” and “today-for- tomorrow”, the main principle of international service operations is “acceptations, handling, transportation and delivery as quickly as possible”. Usually it is 2 - 10 working days depending on destination country.

Development of electronic services is one of priorities for RUE “Belpochta”. Taking into account constantly changing customer needs, the enterprise is developing and offering a wide range of popular e-services to legal entities and individuals. RUE “Belpochta” is showing high quality standards of electronic services. A worthy confirmation of this fact is that Belarusian Post is widely known as one of the best postal service provider in the world in terms of e-services development. The following electronic services are quite popular among customers:

Electronic stamp – allowing remote payment for shipment of letter-post items – a special square barcode which contains data on the cost of shipment, its category and weight, along with relevant information about addressee and sender. This service enables customers to pay for shipment of registered and ordinary letters without leaving their house or office, and is particularly popular among corporate customers who implement bulk mailing;
Track & Trace – an automated tracking system allowing to receive accurate real-time data regarding inbound or outbound registered postal item’s status both on domestic and international levels from shipment to delivery;
Postal money transfer – it is a secure, modern and efficient way to transfer money on territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad;
Electronic payments – integration of information systems for financial information exchange inside the enterprise and with service providers (public utility services departments, banks, Internet providers, mobile network operators and others);
Internet payments – utility service payments, subscription to printed mass media, acquiring postal merchandise (e.g. stamps, envelopes) order via RUE “Belpochta” web-site.
Customers can pay for the services using bank payment cards of international payment systems VISA and MasterCard emitted by various banks, via the payment system WebPay and electronic money within the EasyPay system of the Joint-Stock Company “Belgazprombank”;
Internet service - ordering “Congratulation from Ded Moroz” and “Holiday greetings” through RUE “Belpochta” web-site.
Payment of services is performed using bank payment cards with international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, emitted by various banks or via electronic payment WebPay;
Postal online-store with wide variety of postal merchandise and goods from Belarusian manufacturers on RUE “Belpochta” web-site. Currently more than 150 domestic manufacturers are available in online store (goods for home and gardening, household appliances, dishes, textile, shoes, cosmetics, etc.).

RUE “Belpochta” has improved the system of pension payments (allowances) and since 5th of May 2015 the recipients can receive pension payments (allowances) at any republican postal facility regardless of their residence.

As part of sub-program “Electronic government” implementation (National Program for Accelerated Development of Services in the Information and Communication Technologies area for 2011-2015 on providing information services from state information resources integrated into the nationwide automated information system (NAIS)), RUE “Belpochta” acts as an information mediator for providing electronic services. For these purposes 145 working places were organized in Post Offices: one in each district center, three in each regional center and four in Minsk.

One of RUE “Belpochta” priorities is development of noncash transactions performed with the help of bank payment cards for payments on various services and goods.

The use of bank payment cards of the national and international payment systems represented on the territory of the Republic of Belarus allows customers to implement noncash payments for all services, replenish card accounts, withdraw cash money and check information on available funds of the account. Services are provided for bank payments cards holders at all RUE “Belpochta” Post Offices equipped with bank payment card readers. As at 01.01.2016 there are 4 577 working places in 2 994 Post Offices.

Aiming to reduce the workload on operational counter in Post Offices RUE “Belpochta” promotes using of payment-inquiry terminals (PIT) and devices for insured letter-post items sending SmartPOST, enabling some of the customers to pay for the service on mode of self-service.

As at 01.01.2016 RUE “Belpochta” installed 1012 PITs (at all urban and major rural Post Offices and on territory of third party organizations) along with 41 SmartPOST self-service devices (at Post Offices and Services Provision Unit located at Minsk).

RUE “Belpochta” is continuously working on increasing the range of services. The enterprise introduced to its customers such services as “On the way” and “Postal Courier”, as well as postal items delivery by “Comfort” service line (letters and parcels).
“On the way” items are accepted under a simplified procedure and delivered in shortest terms. The service is targeting individuals needed to transfer documents or gift for their relatives and beloved ones. Parcel delivery is carried out at separated Post Offices of the Republic of Belarus.

“Postal Courier” service allows to collect and deliver at home/office postal items, print media, postal merchandise, consumer goods ordered in RUE “Belpochta” online-shop. This service is available for legal entities and individuals inside the country on one-time request or on agreement basis as subscription “Postal Courier for every day”. Courier visit can be ordered through RUE “Belpochta” official web-site or Call center 154. There are two rates for “Postal courier” service: “elite class” (departure at a limited time) and “economy class” (departure throughout the day).

Postal items of “Comfort” service line include:
Letter/parcel “Comfort for sender” – an SMS notification is sent to the sender on the day of receipt of a postal item by the addressee;
Letter/parcel “Comfort for addressee” – addressee can choose time and define the address of delivery;
Letter/parcel “Comfort for all” – addressee can choose time and define the address of delivery, an SMS notification is sent to the sender on the day of receipt of a postal item by the addressee.

In 2014 commissioning of sorting equipment took place allowing to organize automated sorting of standard letter-mail items.

In 2015 “Evening Prepaid Delivery” service became operational for service line “Comfort” (for postal items delivered at Minsk) enabling customer to send registered postal items (letter or parcel) by prepaid evening postal item delivery particularly since 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The date of postal item receipt is received by a sender via SMS notification, sent to sender's mobile phone number.

RUE “Belpochta” gives consideration to activities with corporative customers and online-stores representatives. To increase quality of service were created special integrated service centers “Business post”, based on principles of individual approach to each customer and with full list of postal services. As at 01.01.2016 61 dedicated sales centers “Business post” are at all region centers and major districts.

In 2014 the centralized collection and delivery points were created for postal items. These points are equipped with up-to-date technical and software tools to enhance the customer service. As at 01.01.2016 11 collection and delivery postal items points are created and functioning at regional centers and major districts.

In 2014 conditions of providing “1st class” service for ordinary letter-post items were changed. All items of ordinary letter-post items “1st class” are priority between other postal items and delivered faster than ordinary letter post items.

The first Belarusian postal stamp “The Cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk” was issued in 1992. More than 20 years have passed since then and over one thousand Belarusian stamps, blocks and sheetlets have appeared in postal counters and philatelists’ albums. Postal miniatures are displaying modern realities of the country, its rich history and culture, outstanding personal achievements, flora and fauna. Extremely accurate expression: “Postal stamps are visiting cards of the country” has become winged phrase long time ago. These Belarusian postal payment units are reaching the most distant corners of the world easily crossing state borders and telling foreigners about Belarus in colourful and expressive way inherent to their nature.

Designated operators of different countries are trying to make stamps more eye-catching, expressive and with rich content. Arts Council of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus follows these criteria in developing annual Thematic plans for postal stamps issue. Talented artists are involved in work with drafts and experts on culture, history and architecture carefully check the historical compliance. Recently Belarusian stamps have become more “festive” because they are printed with the use of additional printing technologies: foil stamping, hot stamping, selective lacquering, frame triangle and circle-shaped perforation, etc.

A specialized store “Philately” at Moskovskaya Street 16, Minsk, is offering a wide range of Belarusian philatelic products for Minsk citizens or guests and runs a commission business.

A new hobby called Postcrossing has become quite popular in the Internet recently. This online project was created in 2005 and aimed at exchange of postcards and stamps between people regardless of their place of residence, sex, age, race and religion. Over 200 countries are participating in this movement and Belarus is among the top ten of registered users and items.

The main idea is that: when you send a postcard, you will surely receive at least one back from a random Postcrosser from any part of the world. The project is free of charge. You need to register at the web-site:, enter there your name and full postal address (in Latin characters) and make the first step: send postcards to five random people addresses that will be offered by the web-site system. You will have to write a special ID which is given together with the address. After receiving of postcard the addressee will register it by entering the Postcard ID at the website – and now it is your turn to impatiently check your mailbox because your address will be shown to the first user wishing to send a postcard.

Collaboration between RUE “Belpochta” and insurance companies is developing successfully. Services on conclusion of contracts on compulsory insurance of the civil liability of vehicle possessors, conclusion of voluntary insurance contracts, comprehensive premises insurance and civil liability of its owners, acceptance of insurance contributions on concluded contracts, payout of insurance indemnity (coverage) are provided at all Post Offices to insured persons or individuals entitled to get it.

RUE “Belpochta” was awarded four times for compliance with the Universal Postal Union EMS Cooperative Quality Control and Assessment Program for providing international EMS services:

“Gold Level” Certificate following the results of work for 2011, “Silver Level” Certificates following the results of work for 2006 and 2010 and “Bronze Level” Certificate following the results of work for 2013.

The Belarusian delegation was granted the certificates during the 25th Universal Postal
Congress and the UPU Postal Operations Council Plenary sessions in Bern, Switzerland, in the presence of delegates from 192 member-countries of the Universal Postal Union. This is a general appreciation for the collective work aimed at international EMS quality improving

In 2013 RUE “Belpochta” was granted S42 Certificate from the Universal Postal Union, insuring compliance with international addressing standard.

In 2013 RUE “Belpochta” has received S42 certificate from UPU ensuring compliance with international addressing standard.

To reduce international postal items processing terms, in 2015 second facility for international postal exchange of RUE “Belpochta” was opened at the National Airport “Minsk” territory (Airmail Exchange and Processing Unit). New facility allows to process and to carry out customs clearance of international airmail.