Top management

Mr. Konstantin Shulgan
(Tf: +375172878706) (Fax: +375173272157)
(; copy:
First Deputy Minister
Mr. Pavel Tkach
(Tf: +375172878706) (Fax: +375173272157)
Deputy Minister
Ms. Anna Ryabova
(Tf: +375172878706)
Deputy Minister
Ms. Natalya Gordeenko
(Tf: +375172878706)

Department of strategic projects

Head of Department
Mr. Sergej Novikov
(Tf: +375172878793)
Deputy Head
Mr. Alexey Noskov
(Tf: +375172878718)

Coordination of Industry Informatization Projects Department

Head of Sectoral Informatization Department
Mrs. Yuliya Shapkina
(Tf: +375172878795)
Deputy Head
Mr. Rodzin Aliaksandr
+375 (17) 287 87 96

Department of Telecommunications and Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulation

Post communications department

Head of Postal Communications Department
Mrs. Sviatlana Shimanskaya
(Tf: +375172878778)

International Cooperation Department

Head of International Cooperation Department
Huryn Valery
(Tf: +375172878734) (Fax: +375173272157)
Deputy Head
Prasvirau Vitali
(Tf: +375172878731)

Department of the implementation of state ICT projects and procurement

Mr. Maxim Bondarenko
(Tf: +375172878791)

Finance Division

Mrs. Natalya Shelkovskaya
(Tf: +375172878747)
Deputy Head
Mrs. Olga Zhudro
(Tf: +375172878728)

State Property Management Sector

Head of the State Property Disposal Sector Yadryschanski Dzmitry
Yadryschanski Dzmitry
+375 (17) 287 87 39