ITU Regional Development Forum for CIS (RDF-CIS) 2024

The ITU Regional Development Forum for CIS (RDF-CIS) organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and hosted by the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Forum will take place from 26 to 27 of March 2024 at Astana Hub in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The Regional Development Forum for CIS provides an opportunity for the exchange of views between ITU Member States, Sector Members, partners, and other stakeholders. RDF-CIS offers an opportunity for matchmaking regional as well as country specific priorities and partners' pledges as announced since the launch of the Partner2Connect Digital Coalition at the World Telecommunication Development Conference in Kigali, Rwanda. The overall aim is to convert pledges into concrete commitments that will lead to the implementation of impactful projects in line with the priorities outlined in the Kigali Action Plan (KAP), including Regional Initiatives.