Representative from Belarus Becomes International Letter-Writing Winner

The Award Ceremony presenting the winner of the 49th International Letter-Writing Competition sponsored by the Universal Postal Union has taken place during the celebration of the World Post Day on the 9th of October 2020.

The representative from Belarus Volha Valchkevich, an 11-years-old pupil living in Grodno city has won the first place in the International Letter-Writing Competition in 2020. Her letter is the most powerful and poignant.

Participants have been invited to write a message to an adult about the world we live in. More than 1,500 letters have been submitted from all parts of the world; the composition of Volha representing our country at the international level in Bern, Switzerland, has been recognized as the best one, and she has won the Gold Medal. Volha is writing a letter to her grandfather who has gone… Perhaps, this makes her message letter sadder and causes tender fillings and memories.

Before the success achieved the pupil has passed not an easy path; she has won the competition on school, city, regional, national and, finally, international level.

Reference information: The competition is organized among pupils of state educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus who are up to the age of 15 years to develop their ability to form and express thoughts, to foster enjoyment of letter writing and to help strengthen the bonds of international friendship.

While participating in the International Competition the young writers of our country have won a Gold Medal in 2003, two Silver Medals in 2008 and 2010, and a Bronze Medal in 2009.