Ministry of Communications reflects on the results of the work of the industry for the year 2016

Today, February 2nd, the meeting of board took place in the Ministry of Communications and Informatization, where the results of social and economic development of the industry for the year 2016 and tasks on accomplishment of estimated figures of the year 2017 were discussed. Anatoly Kalinin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Rybak, Chairman of the Industry, Fuel and Energy Complex, Transport and Communication Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, representatives of state agencies, and heads of the organizations of communication took part in the work of the board. The meeting took place in a videoconference format with connection of regional and district studios.

Sergei Popkov, Minister of Communications and Informatization, made a report on the matter at hand. The minister noted the industry worked effectively in 2016. The established prediction measure of social and economic development as well as business development plans by the major criteria - profitability of sales and net profit, are projected to accomplish by the organizations which are the part of the system of Ministry of Communications.

In general, Ministry of Communications’ net profit will constitute at the rate of 57,7 million rubles, profitability of sales is expected at the level of 9 %. The average monthly salary was 867,1 Belarusian rubles.

The ratio of revenue growth from realization counting on one average worker and growth rate of a nominal wage is more than 1.

Considerable investments invested in the construction of fiber-optic communication links for provision to the population of access to modern services and services at high speeds.

The total amount of investments into fixed capital upon activities in the field of telecommunications for 2016 is mastered in the amount of 552 million rubles.

The organizations of system of Ministry of Communications mastered investments into fixed capital of 371 million rubles, in comparable prices the growth rate was 116,7 %.

Direct foreign investments (upon activities in the field of telecommunications, information technologies and activities in the field of information servicing, post and express activities) were solicited in the amount of about 130 mln. dollars USA.

In general, across the Republic of Belarus export of telecommunication services following the results of 2016 will reach 189 million dollars, growth rate – 105 %, balance of foreign trade of telecommunication services is positive.