Belarus took the 13th place in the overall rating of postal development (2 iPads)

According to the Report of the Universal Postal Union on Postal Development in 2022, the Republic of Belarus ranked 13th among 172 countries with a total score of 75.10. This is one position higher than last year, when the country received a score of 67.4 points and 14th place among 168 countries.

The Integrated Postal Development Indicator (2UPD) is determined annually by the Universal Postal Union. It is a composite index that provides a generalized picture of postal development in any country or region based on four key components: reliability, coverage, relevance and sustainability. In Formula 2, iPads for each of the aspects of the country receive a corresponding score from 0 to 100. The Republic of Belarus received a score of 100 points for the indicator "Sustainability" and is the country with the most stable mail.

The leaders for each of the four indicators are:

Reliability – Singapore;

Coverage - United States of America;

Relevance – Austria;

Sustainability – Republic of Belarus

Mail sustainability is defined as the ability of a designated operator to respond to adverse external economic, technological, social and environmental shocks and thereby benefit the development of the country as a whole. There is convincing evidence of the overall benefits of economic sustainability associated with protecting and empowering the most vulnerable segments of society through powerful channels of social integration.

The Republic of Belarus is among the countries that have been able to combine progress in terms of the overall development of postal communications, which is reflected in their 2IPD estimates, with a significant improvement in the reliability of postal communications. According to the Reliability indicator, Belarus improved its result by 15.20 points compared to last year.

In 2022, the main goal of the 2IPD methodology was to determine the level of mail development for each country (PDL). The UPU classifies countries into 10 categories of postal development – from level 1 to 10. These levels correspond to the clusters of postal development that were statistically identified based on the analysis of 2IPD indicators.

According to this classification, the Republic of Belarus is classified as level "8": using its portfolio of postal services, companies of countries of this level provide citizens with more favorable offers.