Wi-Fi in passenger trains

Cellular mobile telecommunications operators together with the Belarusian Railway carry out a complex of organizational and technical measures aimed at improving the quality of mobile cellular telecommunications services along the main railways. Particular attention is paid to providing access to the Internet network within rolling stock using Wi-Fi technology.

This set of measures provides the additional construction of 36 mobile cellular base stations of UE "VELCOM" and 127 base stations of JLLC "Mobile Telesystems".

In turn, modern trains of the Belarusian railway to the beginning of the 2nd European Games will be equipped with access points to the Internet using Wi-Fi technology.

In the lead-up to the 2nd European Games, UE Velcom and the Belarusian Railways presented a new technical solution in the Republic of Belarus for passenger trains, which simultaneously provides passengers with free Wi-Fi Internet access as well as stable cellular mobile telecommunications of 3G standard at any speed of the electric train.

At present, a new technical solution has been launched in an electric train of regional business-class lines in the direction Minsk-Gomel, and by the beginning of the 2nd European Games will be deployed in 17 trains of inter-regional and regional business-class lines as well as city lines.

Access to the Internet using Wi-Fi technology while being on the move will be free of charge for subscribers of all cellular mobile telecommunications operators. In order to use the Internet, passengers will need to register through the authorization portal, and after registration they will receive the access code via SMS to their mobile phone number.

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The 2nd European Games will be held in Minsk from June 21 to 30, 2019.Over 4,000 athletes will compete for 201 medals.Athletes from all over Europe will compete in 23 disciplines representing 15 kinds of sports. At the event, about 18,000 official participants are expected, and the competition is planned to broadcast to 160 countries.