Currently the postal network of the Republic of Belarus consists of more than 4 000 postal objects

At present the postal market of the Republic of Belarus is fast growing. License for public postal services for forwarding of postal items and subscription to printed media and its delivery is provided to 32 postal operators, including 25 of them to forwarding of postal items, 7 to subscription to print media and its delivery.

For the first time, according to the Integrated Index for Postal Development 2021 of the Universal Postal Union, the Republic of Belarus led its regional group and has been ranked 14th place among 168 countries of the world (in 2020 Belarus took the 20th place among 170 countries). This ranking provides overview of postal development at any country or region based on four dimensions: reliability, reach, relevance and resilience.

Modern forms and methods of public service in the field of postal services continue to be introduced in the Republic of Belarus. Thus, in order to expand the range of postal services provided to users, to ensure state guarantees of accessibility and quality of universal postal services, the development and promotion of the National Postal Electronic System, put into operation from January 3, 2021, is carried out. The number of registered users in the National Postal Electronic System amounted to 2 436 users (94 legal entities, 29 individual entrepreneurs and 2 313 individuals).

The provision of postal services to users through the «Mobile Postman» service makes it possible to provide settlements, including in rural areas, with modern services based on information and communication technologies and reduce digital inequality, which contributes to increasing the socio-economic opportunities of citizens. In 2021 access of the population in rural areas to postal services provided by RUE Belpochta through the service «Mobile Postman», provided in the amount of 100 percent. Currently 4 972 units operate in the Republic of Belarus.

To develop an additional 24-hour channel on access to postal services, increase the level of customer service and reduce the waiting time for receiving registered postal items, the network and functionality continue to expand (issuance and reception of domestic items by entering address data, declared value amounts, cash on delivery, the ability to print an address label on adhesive tape) of parcel lockers (self-service devices). The network of parcel lockers of the Republic of Belarus currently consists of 62 units.

In order to distribute the flows of users of postal services and speed up the process of their service in postal objects, the introduction of an automated system of customer flow management continues. Currently, this system operates in 208 postal objects with two or more counters.

On March 18, 2022, the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus issued the souvenir sheet and the special postmark dedicated to the 30 year of the first Belarusian postage stamp. The solemn ceremony of cancellation of the souvenir sheet took place at the Postal office to the address: 10, Nezalezhnasti Ave. (Post Office).

Reference: The history of Belarusian philately began 30 years ago, on March 20, 1992. The first postal miniature depicts a lost and then recreated Belarusian national relic - the Cross of St. Euphrosyne Polotskoy, created in 1161.
Over the past three decades, 1,452 postage stamps have been issued. They depict not only famous natives of the Republic of Belarus - from saints of the middle ages to Olympic champions of our time, outstanding historical figures and educators, writers, scientists, composers, politicians, sailors, cosmonauts, artists, but also belarusian castles, palaces, masterpieces of national culture, holidays, significant dates, flora and fauna.