2020 ITU Global Innovation Forum

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us how critical entrepreneurship-driven innovation is for economic growth and digital inclusion. The crisis has resulted in stress on value chains and countries’ readiness for a digital economy, significantly affecting social conditions worldwide. Communities worldwide can feel the impact of a growing digital innovation divide: rising digital inclusions issues, impact on jobs and loss of competitiveness in key sectors. This is why ITU is hosting the 2020 edition of ITU Global Innovation Forum, from 26 to 30 October, focusing on mainstreaming competitive digital innovation ecosystems in the age of COVID-19.

The Global Innovation Forum will empower participants with new approaches, insights, tools, frameworks, communities and relevant case studies to understand how to mainstream sustainable ecosystems that accelerate digital transformation. The event is a five-day immersive programme that will take the participants on global and regional learning journeys to prepare them to accelerate digital transformation in their communities