The Ministry of Communications has simplified the use of radio-electronic devices during the preparation and holding of the II European Games of 2019

Under the preparation to the 2nd European Games 2019 and other significant sports competitions, the cultural and entertainment events, as well as to ensure the presence of the official foreign delegations, the demonstration of radio electronic devices at the exhibitions of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus, there were made changes to the list of radio electronic devices and high-frequency devices that are operated without the appropriate permissions to use the radio frequency spectrum, issued as a result of the assignment of the radio frequencies

The Ministry of Communications will issue postage stamps dedicated to the 2nd European Games

On February 1, 2019 the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus will issue 4 postage stamps of the series “The 2nd European Games 2018”.

Shown on the stamps, coupons, sheetlet and FDC is the official logo and slogan of the 2nd European Games 2019. Design: Marina Vitkovskaya. Print quantity: 120.000 stamps each.


The 2018 edition of the Measuring the Information Society Report was launched during the 16th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium (WTIS), 10 to 12 December 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The 10th edition of the Measuring the Information Society Report, an annual report published by ITU since 2009, features key ICT data to measure the information society. The report presents a quantitative analysis of the information society and highlights new and emerging trends and measurement issues.

ITU Plenipotentiary Conference brings more than 2500 ICT decision-makers together from around the world to ‘work as one’ to advance power of ‘Tech for Good’

Dubai, 29 October 2018

The International Telecommunication Union's (ITU's) 20th Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-18) opened today with a global call for the world to “act as one" to connect the world's nearly four billion people who remain unconnected to the Internet.

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are already empowering billions of individuals around the world – by providing access to education, health care, e-government and mobile banking, among many other key services.

2018 Message from the Director General of the UPU

The Post: Delivering good to the world

Every day around the globe, postal services make a difference in the lives of people and communities. By providing affordable, trusted and reliable communication services to all, the Post is delivering good to the world.

The more than 600,000 postal outlets globally are used by private citizens and businesses to send letters, parcels and remittances, and also to conduct financial transactions and philatelic activities, even in some of the world's remotest places.

About 1000 of representatives of postal sector from 192 countries of the world will meet at the capital of Ethiopia to discuss the future of the postal service

About 1000 of representatives of postal sector from 192 countries of the world will meet at the capital of Ethiopia to discuss the future of the postal service

The Extraordinary Congress of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) will take place from 3 to 7 September 2018 at Addis Ababa (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia), during which the reform of the UPU and plans on strengthening the sustainability of the postal sector will be discussed.

Nations to set next four-year path for UN’s specialized agency for information and communication technology

Held every four years, it is the key event at which ITU's 193 Member States decide on the future role of the organization, thereby determining ITU's ability to influence and affect the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) worldwide. It is expected to attract around 3,000 participants, including Heads of State and an estimated 130 VIPs from more than 193 Member States and more than 800 private companies, academic institutions and national, regional and international bodies.

Wi-Fi in passenger trains

Cellular mobile telecommunications operators together with the Belarusian Railway carry out a complex of organizational and technical measures aimed at improving the quality of mobile cellular telecommunications services along the main railways. Particular attention is paid to providing access to the Internet network within rolling stock using Wi-Fi technology.

This set of measures provides the additional construction of 36 mobile cellular base stations of UE "VELCOM" and 127 base stations of JLLC "Mobile Telesystems".

Commissioners Hahn and Gabriel participate in the Eastern Partnership Informal Dialogue in Belarus

Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn and Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel are in Belarus to participate in the 10th Eastern Partnership Informal Partnership Dialogue held in the country’s capital on 21-22 June.